Exhibit Curation Guidelines

IPNE exhibits at the major book shows are curated. By this process, our intent is to raise the overall quality of books that readers and industry professionals can discover through the public face of IPNE. 

This process is designed to enhance the reputation of the organization as a whole and its members individually, as it does with similar organizations.

Books will be considered for exhibit if they meet A and B, below:


  1. IPNE Award winners or finalists.
  2. Winners or finalists of other established awards programs.
  3. Books accepted to previous shows under curation guidelines.
  4. Books on established trade organization publication lists (see guidelines).
  5. Library of Congress Catalog Number.
  1. Publisher has completed, signed, and submitted our curation checklist.
  2. Completed IPNE profile, including book metadata and cover images.

If you don't meet at least one of the first set of 5 qualifications, send a copy of the book by the shipping deadline of the event at which you wish to exhibit. Books that do not meet the currently posted guidelines will be returned and exhibit fees refunded; and publishers will be offered mentoring sessions and resources to help their books meet curation for future exhibits. Final curation approval rests with the IPNE Board of Directors.

Former board member Kathy Brodsky at the Boston Book Festival, 2015

Book 'em - at IPNE events!

The Independent Publishers of New England participates in three major cooperative book-marketing events each fall, and a number of smaller ones.

The "Big Three" this year include:

  1. New England Independent Booksellers Assn. (NEIBA), Sept. 20-22 in Providence, RI. Reach 1,000 regional booksellers, agents, distributors, and readers.
  2. New England Library Assn. (NELA), Oct. 16-18 in Danvers, MA (2016). Reach 600 regional librarians.
  3. The Boston Book Festival (BBF), Oct. 15 in Copley Square, Boston. Event draws estimated 15,000 avid readers, plus many key industry professionals.
The IPNE Conference Bookstore, in Portsmouth NH, is operated by members Steven & Dawn Porter of ARIA and Stillwater River Publications. Register for the conference and bring your books - members can make back the cost of the conference in book sales!*
You'll also find IPNE exhibits and members at events like the BBF's Hubbub children's festival in Boston; Bookstock in Woodstock, Vermont; New England Authors Expo in Danversport, MA; the ARIA Authors Expo in Rhode Island; League of Vermont Writers; and other regional festivals, town days and markets. Suggest one in your area!

Farther afield? Not to worry - you don't have to attend, or even be in New England, to exhibit at most of our events; though you may wish to attend when you can. It's fun to mingle and help other Indies; you'll get backstage access to excellent networking; and you'll be able to represent your books as only you can! Click here to join one of our event Project Teams.

Perhaps best of all, exhibiting with IPNE is a small fraction of the cost of mounting a full exhibit on your own and our volunteers get to know your books and represent them with genuine enthusiasm.  Please join us!

*  Unsold books will be taken from IPNE sales events (in 2016, Bookstock & BBF) to the IPNE conference bookstore; from there unsold books can be picked up by the publishers or will be donated to literacy programs and libraries.

Book Shows, Festivals & Education

Upcoming events

    • 06 May 2017
    • 04 May 2018
    • 7 sessions
    • 74 Pleasant Street, Arlington MA 02476

    Metro Boston Independent Publishers 

    Book Workshop Group

    Self-publishing has become a major force in the world of books, and easier to do than ever with a wide range of formats and options for authors to choose from. The options can be daunting, however, as can the next steps of marketing and selling your published book. 

    This informal group aims to educate both new and seasoned authors about the possibilities of independent publishing through bimonthly meetups in Arlington, MA. Meetings are open to IPNE members and non-members alike, with a 50% membership discount available to those who RSVP and attend in person.

    Our group includes self-published authors, editors. small publishers, and representatives from IPNE and other organizations. At each meetup, we'll update individual projects, brainstorm challenges, and discuss topics ranging from finding the right publishing platform to editing and design to marketing and beyond. 

    About our facilitators:

    Charlotte Pierce started in publishing in 1980 as a regional editor for Outdoor Empire Publishing in Seattle. She served as managing editor for Home Office Computing Magazine (Scholastic) in New York starting in 1985, before moving to Boston to start Pierce Press in 1989. An IPNE member since 2007, Charlotte has served on the Board as president, co-president, vice-president, and secretary. full bio

    Stephanie Franzosa is an experienced proofreader and copy editor, and a relatively new member of IPNE. She has degrees from Bentley College and Boston University in Massachusetts. Stephanie is a staunch supporter of the serial comma and cringes at the typos that exist all around us. contact Stephanie

    • 18 Sep 2017
    • 10:00 AM
    • 20 Sep 2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI
    • 30
    Registration is closed

    New England Independent
    Booksellers Association (NEIBA)

    Sept. 18-20, 2017
    Rhode Island Convention Center
    Providence, RI

    IPNE Coordinator: Lisa Janice Cohen


    Who do we love? Independent bookstores - and they love us! New England is a hotbed of indie bookstores, and they're experiencing a revival, thanks in part to the efforts of the bookseller members and staff of NEIBA. Come and be a part of it!

    By exhibiting with IPNE, your titles are presented an estimated 1,000 actively interested individual booksellers, 250 independent bookstores, and hundreds of top buyers, editors, authors, and industry insiders at the largest regional show of its kind in the U.S.

    Best of all, IPNE exhibitors get live, informed representation by IPNE officers and members with local-market knowledge. We know many of these booksellers and engage with them throughout the year. 

    Please scroll down to read EVENT GUIDELINES and expect followup emails with exhibit details.

    Why Exhibit with IPNE@NEIBA?

    • Huge Savings: Join IPNE's collaborative exhibit and save about $500 off NEIBA individual exhibitor rates. Enjoy prominent display of your titles on the IPNE exhibit table and active engagement of booksellers by IPNE volunteers.
    • Free Catalog Insert: Title information will be taken from your IPNE profile. so make sure you update it with your exhibited book information by Sept. 1. The Catalog and exhibitor insert will be distributed free of charge to all exhibit visitors.
    • Promotional Literature: We will offer visitors the promotional literature (see guidelines). We recommend including a trackable special offer on your sales sheet for bookstores who order at NEIBA.
    • Indies Helping Indies: IPNE will promote your NEIBA exhibited books, signings, offers, and events via social media, our live-streaming video show, on our website, and at live regional events before and during the conference. When you post on our blog or on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and/or Twitter about your NEIBA exhibit and mention IPNE, we'll amplify it!
    • Participate & Learn! IPNE exhibitors can attend, network, sign books, and participate in the educational sessions at the conference. Volunteering is gives you the inside track to bookstores & industry influencers. NEIBA also offers educational and social events on all three days of the conference.
    • Volunteers: IPNE volunteers get a free badge and IPNE business cards, plus a unique chance to observe and interact with booksellers, agents, and reps. Volunteer space is limited; please email the coordinator by Sept. 1 and wait for confirmation.
    • Pick-Nic Luncheon: Pound for pound, this is the best deal at NEIBA. At the Publishers Pick-Nic, IPNE representative, ARIA's Steve Porter will present your book to leading booksellers and sales reps in a "speed dating" style event. Space is limited to 6 books; register early! To sign up, click "Publishers Pick-Nic" in the "Extras" on registration form.

    Additional Opportunities Through NEIBA

    NEIBA offers several special events, including separately promoted autographing sessions, breakfasts, luncheons, and banquets throughout the conference; there are also free and paid educational sessions. Register on the NEIBA website.


    PLEASE NOTE: NEIBA is open to IPNE vendor, publisher, and partner members. Registration is online only. Exhibited books must meet our curation guidelines. Please read all instructions carefully, and ask any questions before registering! For questions about NEIBA that aren't answered here, contact the IPNE show manager or call 339-368-8229.


    These guidelines are designed to help IPNE more efficiently and effectively represent our members and our mission. 

    • CURATION: IPNE exhibits at the major book shows will be curated by IPNE and the IPNE Book Awards judges. Please read Curation Guidelines and complete the Curation Checklist before you exhibit.

    • MATERIALS: You may include 25 copies each of 2 pieces of promotional literature on the IPNE display 1)  4 x 9" rack cards and/or 2) 8.5 x 11 sales sheet. Our display is not equipped to handle different sizes and quantities of collateral.

    • BOOTH ETIQUETTE: Authors & publishers who are not on the event crew may not remain in the booth or alter the display in any way. This will allow visitors  to access and buy your books more easily.

    • ELIGIBILITY: Major book shows like NEIBA are open to IPNE associate, vendor, publisher, and partner members. Partner organizations get a membership discount.

    • PAYMENT: Registration is online only. if you are unable to register online, please contact our bookkeeper, and allow up to 2 weeks processing time. 

    • PROFILE: Book data posted on your IPNE profile page must be -up-to-date and accurate or your books may not be included in the Event catalog insert. Accuracy is the responsibility of the member.

    • QUESTIONS: Please read all instructions carefully, and ask any questions before registering!

    • SHIPPING: All books must be received at least two weeks before the exhibit. 

Past events

28 Jul 2017 2017 Bookstock, VT
26 Jul 2017 New England Authors Expo 2017
19 May 2017 IPNE 4th Annual Book Awards 2017 - Submissions
15 May 2017 IPNE 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog
21 Mar 2017 Bookstore Workshops in Vermont
10 Dec 2016 IPNE 2016 Annual Meeting & Elections
03 Dec 2016 IPNE@ARIA2016 - Rhode Island Book Expo
21 Oct 2016 IPNE 2016 Conference Exhibitor/Sponsor
21 Oct 2016 IPNE 2016-2017 Conference Catalog
21 Oct 2016 IPNE 6th Annual New England Publishing Conference 2016
21 Oct 2016 IPNE 3rd Annual Book Awards 2016
16 Oct 2016 New England Library Association 2016 (NELA)
15 Oct 2016 Boston Book Festival 2016
21 Sep 2016 New England Independent Booksellers 2016 (NEIBA)
29 Jul 2016 2016 Bookstock, VT
27 Jul 2016 New England Authors Expo 2016
25 May 2016 IPNE 2016 Spring/Summer Catalog
05 Apr 2016 IPNE/APSS Webinar - Media & PR Secrets
26 Mar 2016 IPNE Metro Boston Meetup - 2016 Events Preview
30 Jan 2016 Metro Boston Meetup & Printing Plant Tour
05 Dec 2015 IPNE 2015 Annual Meeting & Elections
26 Oct 2015 NELA Conference 2015 (New England Library Association)
24 Oct 2015 Boston Book Festival 2015
25 Sep 2015 New England Publishing Conference 2015
25 Sep 2015 IPNE 2015 Fall Catalog
29 Jul 2015 New England Authors Expo
24 Jul 2015 Bookstock in Woodstock, Vermont
30 May 2015 IPNE Metro Boston - 2015 Events Preview
28 Mar 2015 IPNE Metro Boston Branch - Special Sales Workshop
06 Dec 2014 IPNE Annual Meeting & Elections
22 Nov 2014 IPNE Metro Boston Branch - Cranky Pants Publishing
08 Nov 2014 ARIA - Rhode Island Book Expo
30 Oct 2014 IPNE Metro Boston Branch - with Bunker Hill Press
25 Oct 2014 Boston Book Festival
19 Oct 2014 NELA Conference 2014 (New England Library Association)
30 Sep 2014 NEIBA Fall Conference 2014 (New England Independent Booksellers)
04 Apr 2014 New England Publishing Conference 2014
04 Jan 2014 IPNE Book Awards
20 Oct 2013 NELA Conference 2013 (New England Library Association)
06 Oct 2013 NEIBA Fall Conference 2013
26 Aug 2013 Book Ads, IPNE Fall Catalog, Deadline Sept. 18
19 Apr 2013 New England Publishing Conference 2013
27 Oct 2012 Boston Book Festival
14 Oct 2012 NELA Conference 2012 (New England Library Association)
03 Oct 2012 NEIBA Fall Conference 2012
28 Jul 2012 Bookstock (taking place in Woodstock, Vermont)
27 Apr 2012 New England Publishing Conference 2012
03 Dec 2011 IPNE Digital Publishing Tutorials: Tutorial 2. Digital Book Production: Deep Dive
22 Oct 2011 IPNE Digital Publishing Tutorials: Tutorial 1. Digital Publishing: An Introduction
15 Oct 2011 Boston Book Festival
12 Oct 2011 NEIBA Fall Conference 2011
02 Oct 2011 NELA Conference 2011 (New England Library Association)
30 Jul 2011 Bookstock (taking place in Woodstock, Vermont)
15 Nov 2010 How to Negotiate Large-Quantity Sales
08 Nov 2010 Preparing For And Making Presentations For Large-Quantity Sales
01 Nov 2010 How to Find More Buyers for Your Books in Non-Bookstore Markets
19 Oct 2010 November 2010 Vendor Spotlight
17 Oct 2010 IPNE Annual Members Meeting - Pay your own lunch
17 Oct 2010 NELA Conference 2010 (New England Library Association)
16 Oct 2010 January 2011 Vendor Spotlight
16 Oct 2010 December 2010 Vendor Spotlight
09 Oct 2010 October 2010 Vendor Spotlight
01 Oct 2010 NEIBA Fall Conference 2010
31 Jul 2010 Bookstock (taking place in Woodstock, VT)
04 Jun 2010 Espresso Book Machine tours
15 Jan 2010 American Library Association - Midwinter Meeting 2010
18 Oct 2009 NELA Annual Conference
02 Oct 2009 NEIBA - New England Independent Booksellers
25 Sep 2009 Burlington Book Festival 2009
06 May 2009 Massachusetts Library Association
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