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nonfiction, children's, alternative education
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Pierce Press publishes a growing list of general and educational non-fiction and children's and young adult fiction under the imprints of DayTripper Books, GiggleQuick Books, and Peeragogy Books.

We delight in discovering hidden treasures, and regard our authors as partners in navigating the brave new world of independent publishing.

Recent titles include "The Peeragogy Handbook v.2" (Howard Rheingold et. al.; 2014) and the early-reader series DIG: The Doggie Investigation Gang by Shara Puglisi Katsos, starting with "The Case of the Missing Canine" (2014).

As Pierce Productions, we provide a live-streaming video interview series called Face The Book TV, and conduct Indie Office Hours on Google+ and YouTube in conjunction with IPNE.

Additional related services include publishing and media coaching for authors and indie publishers.
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@daytripperdiva, @piercepress, @facethebooktv


Book #1 Title
Sky Cloud City
Book #1 Subtitle
The Adventures of Hope & Trusty
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Maria Kamoulakou
Book #1 Publisher
Pierce Press / Gigglequick Books
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Book #1 Description
Inspired by the ancient Greek play Ornithes (The Birds, 414 BC) by Aristophanes.

Two friends rescue a pair of crows and get swept away to the Land of the Birds. Join them in their adventure where they meet the bird king and his subjects, and help the birds unite to achieve the impossible: a bird city in the clouds called Ornithopolis.
Book #1 Distributors
Ingram, Pierce Press


Book #2 Title
The Peeragogy Handbook v.3
Book #2 Subtitle
The no-longer-missing guide to peer learning & peer production
Book #2 Publisher
Peeragogy Books & PubDomEd
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book #2 Description
Peeragogy is a collection of techniques for collaborative learning and collaborative work. By identifying and implementing effective patterns for working together, we hope to leave the world in a better state than it was when we arrived.

Indeed, humans have always shared knowledge with each other. But for a long time, until the advent of the web and widespread access to digital media, traditional systems have effectively monopolized the pursuit of learning.

Now, with access to open educational resources and free or inexpensive communication platforms, groups of people can learn together outside as well as inside of formal institutions.

These developments prompted us to reconsider the meaning of “peer learning” and to co-create the
Peeragogy Handbook.

“Howard Rheingold and a great team of collaborators have preceded the rest of humanity in exploring the new dynamics of technologically-enhanced peer learning.” Michel Bauwens, Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives
Book #2 Distributors
Ingram, Amazon, Pierce Press


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